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The Global Leader in Hemp Ingredients Since 1998

Discover Hemp Oil Canada

A team of professionals dedicated to helping you explore all the innovative, delicious, and nutritious opportunities hemp can offer as a product ingredient.

What Sets Us Apart

as the global leader in hemp ingredients - since 1998.
of manufacturing facilities with a BRC AA rating.

Our Difference

Hemp Oil Canada was incorporated in 1998 and opened Canada’s first hemp-exclusive seed processing facility. In the years since we’ve worked passionately to expand the availability of hemp foods and build new markets. We now export globally from our two state-of-the-art processing facilities in Manitoba, Canada. We are proud to offer only North American grown hemp to our customers and can provide traceability of our product from seed to shelf.

We’ve led the hemp industry by setting food safety and quality standards and creating new hemp food ingredients to meet our customers’ growing needs. You can expect industry-leading product specifications and food safety standards from Hemp Oil Canada.

Our History

Consistent, reliable, and committed to your success - when you choose Hemp Oil Canada, you will only be pleasantly surprised with our customer-focus.

We are proud to announce that our complete line of hemp seeds, oil, and protein powder have received Food and Drug Administration (FDA) clearance as Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). This is a significant first for the hemp industry, as Hemp Oil Canada was the only company to proactively gather and provide the scientific evidence necessary to affirm this sought-after Food and Drug Administration designation, which recognizes a substance as safe among experts.

Hemp Oil Canada

Supply Chain Traceability

Our integrated, North American supply chain allows us to ensure quality through every phase of the production process. 

  • Seed Genetics
  • Field
  • Storage
  • Seed Cleaning
  • Heat Treatment
  • Production
  • Testing
  • Research and Development

Our Farm Operations team is second to none and is committed to delivering top-quality products to you.

Our Differentiators

We understand that you have choices of multiple companies when selecting hemp for your wholesale ingredient needs. But Hemp Oil Canada is different.

  • We’ve led the hemp industry by setting food safety and quality standards and creating new hemp food ingredients to meet our customers’ growing needs. 
  • We have a long-standing history in the hemp industry. Since 1998, we've been working with farmers, R&D teams, and food scientists to deliver the best hemp in the industry.
  • Our pricing is logical and consistent. We have our supply chain mastered. We will have the product available when you need it at a cost that won't surprise you.  
  • Hemp Oil Canada’s product experts support customers throughout the product development process, offering functional expertise to help formulate with hemp ingredients
  • Hemp Oil Canada is a North American provider and grower of hemp.
Hemp Oil Canada
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Ready to Explore Our Ingredients?

Hemp can be added to any product formulation for protein, omegas, fiber, and a delicious nutty taste.